Artist Statement

The pieces I create are usually three dimensional…they are almost always meant to be seen from all sides, usually non-objective or abstract and of mixed media. I often use what materials and "found objects", whether from nature or industry, I have on hand. More often than not, it is the essence of those materials, and the forms of the objects, that I'm drawn to and that have become the inspiration for the piece. Sometimes there are restraints such as I’m working towards an up-coming show, perhaps with a predetermined theme, size limitation… or deadline. Sometimes a concept just starts to materialize from an idea, or in reaction to one of those found objects, some new interesting materials, or to a political or social issue that I’m concerned with.

Bringing familiar objects or materials together in un-familiar ways is one of my motivations. For me it's an adventure…not without difficulties and frustrations along the way. I may start with some sketches (hard to let go of my design background), but I don't really know where the art piece will end up… until, at some point… I feel it’s finished.