Sockeye 2002

WoodenBoat, Nov/Dec 2002

Troller Conversions – new life for classic Northwest workboats
by Charles Summers
Issue number 169, pages 76-85,
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Sockeye conversion

This is a good article on the subject, covering many aspects of such projects. In 2002 Charles Summers interviewed several of us here in Port Townsend who have taken on the conversion of a troller. When we bought our boat it was named NESTOR, as you will see in this article; Libby and I changed the name to Sockeye during that first haul-out.

CLASSIC BOAT, October 2004

Vixen in 2002

Foxy lady
by Jim Daniels, photography by Elizabeth Becker
Pages 42-46,
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I first saw VIXEN in Fleet Marine's boatyard here in Port Townsend in 1989. This article was written after I sold her to Bruce Halabisky in 2002. I had owned her for 13 years and much of that time was spent doing this extensive rebuild.

WoodenBoat, October 2015

A Sound Boat and Simple Living… Reflections on 10 years of voyaging in a traditional wooden boat
by Bruce Halabisky
Issue number 246, pages 62-75,
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Libby and I couldn’t have sold VIXEN to a more appreciative and deserving couple and we reminded ourselves of this regularly whenever we saw another article by Bruce in WoodenBoat or got to visit with him, Tiffany and the girls on one of their visits back to this corner of the globe during their ten-year circumnavigation. VIXEN is on the cover of that October 2015 issue, sailing off Hawaii, just before they left for their last passage back to Victoria, B.C. and the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend in September of that year.