Resume & Bio

At this point in my life I consider myself an artist but many things have shaped my life along the way. I grew up in Colorado, learned to love backpacking and climbing 14,000 footers. In 1962 I enrolled at Colorado State University, as a Design major, and joined their Mountaineering Club. In 1964 I joined the Peace Corps, and for the next two years did public health work in Malawi. While I was in Africa, I continued my mountaineering adventures, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and circumnavigating Mt. Kenya.

I graduated from the University of Kansas, earning a B.F.A. in Industrial Design, in 1969. I was then immediately drafted into the Army for a couple of years. When I returned to civilian life I found my first job in Seattle designing exhibits, followed by positions in several graphic and product design firms in the Midwest.

I moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 1975 to work as a graphic designer and photographer, and also taught as adjunct faculty at Anchorage Community College. I was a founding member of the Alaska Craftsman Home Program, teaching energy efficient home construction; I taught high school shop teachers how to build wood dories; I was a member of the Bodenburg Butte Volunteer Fire Department and the Alaska Mountain Rescue Group; I grew acres of potatoes, lots of strawberries and rhubarb and raised hundreds of chickens; I went set net fishing in Bristol Bay, and was a cash buyer on the Yukon River down stream from St. Mary’s. I built wood dories and a bow picker fishing boat, and went to Maine to take a course in timber frame construction and designed and built several structures in Alaska…a studio for a potter friend and a shop/studio for me. I enjoyed the outdoor life immensely: hunting and fishing, winter camping, cross country skiing, and mountaineering…including organizing and leading a small team to climb Mt. Denali in 1978.

In 1988 I drove down to Port Townsend, Washington to attend the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. I’ve lived in Port Townsend ever since, working mostly as a designer in the mega- yacht industry. In my spare time I rebuilt the classic gaff rig cutter, Vixen. In 2002 I sold Vixen and purchased a Pacific Northwest tuna/salmon troller, that I converted into the cruiser Sockeye. I bought a BMW GS motorcycle with a Russian Ural side car when I was 64 and have put over 12,000 backroad miles on it since then.

Since 2012 I have been showing my work at NorthWind Arts Center, and I’ve had pieces in the Annual Woodworker’s Show and at the Bishop Hotel, all in Port Townsend. Additionally, I’ve had pieces in shows at the Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center and B2 Gallery in Tacoma.

I learned that all of one’s life experiences contribute to who we have become and what filters we have acquired through which we view the world...I can certainly see the effects of those filters in my work.